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Switching between Olympic highlights and F1 qualifying replay.


Ohai we should be pals with our similar interests :P





I need to hurry up and get downtown, see a band I really want to see at the festival, get some food and come back home and work.

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Trying to figure out what to pack for 3 days away. It's harder than it seems because I need: 2 outfits that are comfy enough for the airplane, but nice enough for arrival/checkout at a 4 star hotel, a fancy dress for a semi-formal dinner, and an outfit for 3 hours in the recording studio/video shoot and 2 hours at a concert (luckily a makeup artist will be in charge of making my face look nice on that day haha). Plus, you know, pyjamas, underwear, makeup for the other days, etc etc etc. And it all has to fit in a smallish suitcase. Sigh. Life is hard. :P

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