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How Would You Do On Your O.W.L.S.?

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Imagine you're a fifth year Hogwart's student and you have to take the Ordinary Wizarding Levels to see which courses you might continue in as you prepare for your future vocation in the wizarding world.


Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, try to give a personal assessment of how you might perform in taking your O.W.L.S.


Remember that your courses of study may include...


Study of Ancient Runes



Care of Magical Creatures


Defense Against the Dark Arts



History of Magic

Muggle Studies




Your grades could be as follows:


O (Outstanding)

E (Exceeds Expectations)

A (Acceptable)

P (Poor)

D (Dreadful)

T (Troll)


assume for this case that you have to take every course, and you might indicate which House you expect you'd be from as it might be something of a determining factor and explain your expectant grades in a given subject. Ofc, who's teaching the course might matter too, so if you choose to, you can indicate your teacher as well.


I would likely be a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw student.


In Study of Ancient Runes I'm guessing I would recieve an E

Arithmancy likely a P unless I could sneak out an A

Care of Magical Creatures probably an A

Charms an O

Defense Against the Dark Arts an E

Divination an A

Herbology an A

History of Magic an O

Muggle Studies an O

Potions an A

Transfiguration a P or D (that seems too hard for me. :P) hopefully I would be able to get an A somehow. >.<


Feel free to add any classes, if I missed any or correct any inaccuracies I may have made in my hypothetical scenario. :P


Oh, and on a side note I would DEFINTELY play Quidditch and I'd probably play beater... as would my twin brother Clifford! :lol:

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Maybe Gryffindor or Hufflepuff:


Study of Ancient Runes: 'P' definatly I'm not good at memorizing those stuff.

Arithmancy: 'E'

Astronomy: 'P' those could be pretty tricky!

Care of Magical Creatures: 'O' c'mon it's Hagrid we're talking about :D

Charms: 'E'

Defense Against the Dark Arts: 'O'

Divination: 'P' uhm I could stare at that misty ball for ages and not see a thing.

Herbology: 'A'

History of Magic: 'D' with boring professor Binns no way I'd pass this, well unless Jon tutor me for that subject :P

Muggle Studies: 'O'

Potions: 'A'

Transfiguration: 'E'


So wish this is all true :P

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Study of Ancient Runes - A

Arithmancy - A

Astronomy - A

Care of Magical Creatures - O or E, love everything about animals ^_^

Charms - O, I'm sure I'd like Charms.

Defense Against the Dark Arts - O hopefully! E more likely.

Divination - A, too boring though. But I also love classes that you muck about and discuss dreams :P

Herbology - A

History of Magic - E

Muggle Studies - Um. No idea.

Potions - E, I have fun putting things together but if I had Snape... maybe a T haha.

Transfiguration - A or E... I think I'd also like this class.


There's also Flying Class. Hmm I'd love that class but might be rubbish at it.

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I forgot to say how I'd do in Astronomy? :o I think I'd get an E


being a Quidditch player, ofc I'd do great in flying class! ^_^


I'll take good notes in professor Binn's class Noura and you can look at my notes! :P

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Study of Ancient Runes: A; I'm learning chinese. I'm bad at it, but maybe that would help

Arithmancy: P?

Astronomy: A (hopefully)

Care of Magical Creatures: A; animals r cool

Charms: E

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O;

Divination: P: I don't believe in superstitions and stuff

Herbology: A

History of Magic: P; I'd fall asleep

Muggle Studies: E. i am a muggle :sweatdrop:

Potions: E

Transfiguration: O;


And Gryffindor, or Slytherin

I wanna become an auror

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