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Guess The Nationality Of The Person Below Ya~

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Canadians/Americans aren't a race, so they can look like anything. South Americans can look like anything, too. In fact, all the South Americans I know don't "look" South American. Especially Brazilians.

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Sorry :( .
Im just working of stereotypes here haha, Ive never been there myself. I SHALL ONE DAY THOUGH!
And then I can think to myself "Hmmm, Sammy was right. They dont all look the same!"

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Haha, well it's ok xD I'm pretty sure a lot of people think the same.

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But I suppose that when the majority of the population comes from the same location way back in history then there can be common simularities. But then when you have people that have migrated there, there becomes those issues.

Canadian eh?
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