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Who.Am.I? The Harry Potter Version

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So you live to tell the tale?I am a survivor


Do you live under water? I breath the air and make the land my home


Or... in a frame? It is possible that someone has taken a picture of me



Aah love this! :)


Did you die in the final battle of Hogwarts? I died once at Hogwarts that's all I can say



Kreacher? I am not the one they call Kreacher, but nice guess

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Mosning Murtle?I am not the Myrtle Girl



Mrs... Norris? You seem to have not much wizardy experience :o Can't be a ghost, don't live underwater, not a professor, never been in a Hogwarts house... it's a toughy :PNot Mrs. Norris, be sure to look at ALL the pieces! :lol: I'm having much fun. I've left some pivitol clues though and even two very descreet bonus clues.

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Do you have both your parents alive?I'm vertually certain my parents are never mentioned in the books so IDK



Gawpy? might as well just try it since i have nothing else >.< I'm not Grawp or Gawpy (even though I don't remember a Gawpy from the series) :P

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Buckbeak? well some people call me Witherwings, but yes I am also known as your beloved Buckbeak! :doh: congratulations!!!



hedwig? awww, my fellow feathered friend, but alas I was discovered by snuffles



Gosh you are good! either good, or just a pain in the tush! :D


Good job Kimberley, you discovered Buckbeak as the first HP Who.Am.I? Now you get to pick the second HP Who.Am.I? :o

Please pm me with your choice and I will announce the start of round 2. :o

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Okays!!! I still contest that Buckbeak did in fact die, but I know that's a bit contentious, so I apologize to anyone who may have been misled by that. :P But, now everyone else has an excuse if they make a little screw up down the line! :king:


WELL KIDS: Round 2 of the Harry Potter Who Am I? is OFFICIALLY UNDER WAY!


and yes Arie, you get to play this time!!!! :ohyeah:


Good Luck to all! <3

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