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Who.Am.I? The Harry Potter Version

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are you a part of the order of the phoenix? No, but I would be if I could.

do you know harry personally? You could say so, we've only met a few times and I am quite fond of him.

do you have a wife/husband? kids? No.


have you fought in the final battel? No. I was around in the final year of You-Know-Who though.

Do you have brothers or sisters? Yes.

Do you know Dumbledore personaly? Yes.

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Are you human? ... Maybe.

Why can't you say if you're girl? It'll give too much away :o

So, you're old? Most likely, but my mind isn't.


Xenophilius Lovegood? xD Nope.


Look for clues :rolleyes:

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Wow that was really quite brilliant Denisse! Great Job! -applause-


I'm not sure if everyone's ready for this next one, but the WAI waits for no one, so best of luck and open you Harry Potter Books kids! :ohyeah:


Round 3 of the Harry Potter Who.Am.I? Has Officially Begun! JOY TO THE WORLD

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Are you a student? I once was.


Did you fight in the final battle? Indeed i did.



What age group are you? I'm not a student anymore.


Are you confident, shy, strange, pretty normal? Shyness won't get you anywhere.


Are you on the good side or dark side? :oNot everything is black and white.



Are you a professor? I've taught some things.

Do you work for the ministry? I've been there.

Are you a Death Eater? It is our choices who makes us who we are, not our abilities.



Do you belong to Hogwarts house? Yes.

Are you a ghost? Can't you see me?

Are you a well known person? The question offends me.



this is fun :3

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