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Who.Am.I? The Harry Potter Version

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Okay everyone, make sure you have practiced your Occlumency lessons and sufficiently cleared your brains before this one...




best of luck to all! :)

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Are you an author? Or a journalist? No I haven't written any books



are you a wizard or Squib or muggle? I'm part of the wizarding world

Do you know harry personaly? I just know Harry as much as everyone else knows him

do you have a husband/kids? No I have neither husband or kids

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Oh, that little bit with grey hair and her being a lady made me think it was The Grey Lady but, since she has a daughter (Rowena) I guess it's not her. :(


Mrs Figg maybe?

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:o Vida, everyone's getting too good at this now! Congratulations that was amazing... and I could see that Denisse was on the right track once again as well. :o


Those Occlumency lessons I've been giving have been paying off! Either that or I should have given the Occlumency lessons to the Who.Am.I? as those guessing seem to be expert Legilimens. :whaa:


Okay ladies and germs! Round 5 of the Harry Potter Who.Am.I? is now underway


You may like to refer to your Remberalls to recall this Harry Potter Character, but then again, you are all proving to be such adept witches and wizards that you may not even need the extra help! :o

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