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Who.Am.I? The Harry Potter Version

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are you close with Dumbledore? No.

are you part of Order of the Phoenix? No.

can u transform into an animal (animagus)? Yes.

By the way. I haven't chosen 3 different characters, think more along the lines of the previous character.

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Good job Ardi!!! Your stick-to-itiveness helped you discover that scurvy little beast for his true self!


Here's the promised Pumpkin Pasties


I hope you enjoy and maybe even share one or two with that awesome W.A.I. who had you stumped.... for a little bit anyways. :D


Well, if you all thought taking your O.W.L.s were hard, good luck with this next one! :lol:


Round 8 of the Harry Potter Who.Am.I? is.... ready.....set....... GO!

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lmfao bandwidth thief!


how are you? (lol) im fine im fine

are you a wizard or muggle or creature? wats a muggle? i eat wizards for breakfast

male or female? i love female ;p

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Are you a death eater? is that a kind of food??

where do you live?i live in a castle

how old are you?im legal (old enough)

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are you human? I think im already dead

is that castle in UK? nah in London i think hahahaha

have you ever met Harry? i've met the boy, pretty weak lookin boy bwahahaha

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Okay Noura please PM me the new Harry Potter Who am I and we will hopefully get this game going once again!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! :ohyeah:


Ardi, you were a tricky and mischevious HP WAI just like Peeves! :o

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The long awaited Round 9 of the Harry Potter Who Am I? has now begun!


NO Imperio Curses against Noura to try and get her to give you the answer will be permitted. You'll have to figure out the answer to this one without Magical assistance! :puh:


Good LUCK everyone! :lol:

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