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Happy Birthday Boma! =O

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Happy birthday to my beautiful and talented grand daughter BoMa!


Sorry I know it's a little late now, but you can have what ever you would like for breakfast this morning. :o



If you didn't remember your Wise Potato Chips I brought some bags with me... of and of course, what's a birthday without a cake?



Sorry I do not possess the graphics gifts that my wonderful grand daughter does. She is everybit as smart and wise as the Owl and I am so proud of her! Enjoy your day hun, I hope it's a hoot! :lol: Sorry :doh: I had to say it, if I didn't I wouldn't be your grandpa! :P

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My Lovely Potato Chip


I'm sorry this post is a bit late (although still March 2nd! So :puh: !). Things have been a bit hectic for me.


BUT....Here is the appetizer to your dinner:


SINCE today is a SPECIAL DAY, I figured we should be hanging out together:

In case you didn't notice ^, I'm in the dip. Tomato might be in there, too

:o .


We are "Natural and COOL":


I'M TAKING YOU ON A SHOPPING SPREEEEEE! I hope you like what we'll be lookin' at! :o


^ And, you can't say no!!! :puh:


Your main course!

=o I didn't know you have little minion owls!!!! -hides- :ph34r:





Give a hoot for owl cookies ^ !


AND -drum rolls- Here is a personal message for you:



I know we discussed this with each other, and how you said this is your motto. Well, being that it is a completely positive message I wanted to say that every time I walk into a store and this song comes on or I listen to this song on the radio, I always think of you. You are an amazing, talented, wonderful, and resilient person! Those are the adjectives that come to mind when I hear this song.

I hope you are having an amazing birthday, woman!!! If not, I'll come over there with my cucumber posse and wreak havoc on the world!



Your cucumber. :D

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