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Blake Griffin

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#1 The Dude

The Dude

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Posted 02 March 2011 - 03:54 PM

He will get more and more And 1s as people foul him because they can't stop him.

#2 Dax


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Posted 02 March 2011 - 07:44 PM

Yeah, too bad all he can do is dunk. Don't get me wrong, I think Blake has a lot of potential but he is over hyped and over showcased in part because he's on the clippers who don't have many pieces that stand out. The only real notables on the team besides Blake were Baron Davis, who just got traded, Gordon, who has been injured, and Kaman, who has also been injured and just recently returned.

Having said all that, he'll gain my respect when he masters his jump shot and improves his post moves, which aren't bad but could use some adjustment. As this is his rookie year I can only see him getting better and he'll probably end up one of the better power forwards in the game.

His dunk over the car was horribly overrated though. The set up was wonderful, but in terms of the actual dunk it was nothing fancy, and it was even that hard of a dunk. Check out serge Ibaka's in the contest and you'll see he took off from behind the free throw line, Blake jumped less than half that distance. Nice presentation, not an impressive dunk.

Any who as a person who lives in LA I felt the need to respond. Blake is nice but he's not eclipsing Kobe anytime soon out here. (Just for reference I am not a Lakers or Clippers fan).

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#3 The Dude

The Dude

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Posted 02 March 2011 - 08:59 PM

I don't hold the dunk contest in high esteem anyway. If you're not dunking on someone then it really loses a lot. That's the change they should make to the dunk contest, have someone defend the basket.

Kobe is a great player but Blake is also way behind the Kobe in number of women raped as well. Seriously though, Kobe does have a good all around game but he also has a tendency to make bone head moves like shooting 22 foot jumpers. Also, Kobe whines and pouts a lot too which which hurts his team. He's basically saying him and his feelers are more important than the team and the game. These are just a few of his many annoying habits.

I think Blake's perimeter game will improve but I think right now it's pretty decent but underrated. He has game all over the court it's just that his dunks make the highlight reels because they are what's exciting. Just like when you watch baseball highlights you pretty much only see homers because they're what sells, not doubles or someone beating the throw to first. You'll see still probably see him dunk a lot more though because that's a high percentage shot as opposed to a jumper. Right now he doesn't have to hit the 15 foot shots because he can successfully drive to the hole, get the points and get the And 1. He just can't be stopped when he's close to the basket.

But Blake's perimeter shooting will probably never be as good as Kobe's because he's a power forward as opposed to Kobe who's shooting guard like Michael Jordan was. By definition Blake is supposed to play closer to the basket and with his physical size and talents, dunking is the highest percentage way for him to score points. He is not as quick or as nimble as Kobe who is smaller.

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