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^yeah I agree, I own the dvd too and you can see it's made for tv.

BUT I actually really liked it! it's not as mind-blowing as HP and such, but it's so cute and the costumes were amazing and Emma looked great. and I loved her acting!

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I don't think it was the best role ever, and the movie itself became a little boring/slow for me at times, but there were moments were her acting was truly fantastic. It made me smile, the fact that she got out of her comfort zone which is HP and tried a new role. Hope she gets more great roles in the future!

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I've watched it before and I can say that it is okay but a bit dull to be honest.

But I think Emma did well in that film. Besides it was a good chance for her to

have experience in acting a different character other than Hermione. :)

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To each their own.



Personally, to me, I didn't like the film. It did show, however, that Emma can in fact act just as good as she did with Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. Sadly, though, I did see bits where I thought it was Hermione playing Pauline's character rather than Pauline herself. Other than that faulty it was a good performance of hers, no doubt. And can't wait to see more of her acting skills put to the tests of being in more movies.

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