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I'm a Marvel and DC Comics fan. I loved the Avengers! I want to see it again.



I really hope Tom Hiddleston signed on for more of the movies because I adore him and he needs to keep being Loki.


So excited for Thor 2 I can't wait I am just dying to see it!

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I liked one and two, so the third will be good, too.


But to Marvel general i like the Films of them. Some of the newer are a bit to explosive, if you know what i mean, but Thor was nice for example.

The "old" Spider man film´s i really liked.

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NO SPOILERS as anything reviewed can be seen in the trailer.


Iron Man 3 is good if you don't base it off the comics. It is set as the second best film at the box office, triumphant? It's acknowledged that Iron Man films are well known for weak plot lines and this is definitely one. Him sitting in his mansion making technology whilst the enemy is destroying everything, Miss Potts does everything and Iron Man comes in at the end to ironically save the day. Pretty much the plot line for one two and mainly three right?


However, the narrative in the third one is made up better than the first two films. Which, makes it better than the first two already, but not by a major lot. This one with the extra sub-plot of what happened in 'The Avengers' tormenting him and Robert's comedy statements (no matter how harsh) are what makes this film better than the first two on a whole.


As the films have gone on Tony Stark got more 'cocky' shall we say and this lives up to the expectation of The Avengers. As, in the Avengers he had a dramatic change in attitude, but it lived on in Iron Man 3, so I am guessing the major twist of behavioral issues in Iron Man 3 was to be expected.


The same locations are used. However, it is a shame they had to bring in shots of China for a couple of seconds to please the Chinese market (where a fraction of the money came from.) This was random placed in and it also defaulted the film.


This film was brilliant for the ending of Iron Man himself. (Both as both him and the suit are one.) I guess overall nothing is over, he'll probably make a suit without his reactor for The Avengers 2. Why not? He lets people use his suits and they don't have a reactor to power it? Fair enough, it doesn't work as good as Tony's but hey, this is Tony Stark, he'll find a way around it.


I rate this film 7/10.

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I saw spider-man 2 tonight, and honestly, I thought it was quite bad... 

I used to love the marvel, I watched Thor (2) 3 times, the Avengers, Captain America (though I preferred the first one), Iron man (loved it except the 3rd one, not as good to me), but here, it was too ridiculous for me. 

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I finally saw The Amazing Spiderman 2: to be honest I thought it was actually good. I love the special effects the actors that was it. I remember watching and figure out who the actor was playing Harry Osborn it hit me I was like "oh hey its Dane HeHaan he was in Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe".

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