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Lancome sure picked a sexy ambassadress. :excited: . Emma just keeps getting more stunning. I wonder if she'll be doing more ads.


She's too cute in this picture:



Yeah, her expression is precious here :3m_sie:


Now I'm thinking this ads is not just 30 sec long. It's maybe a short film since they've changed sets and outfits for it.

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I don't think it will be longer than 30 seconds, it would be to expensive to broadcast. But I think they might have different versions of the spot, which would be very cool.


Maybe they are shooting not only the campaign for Midnight Rose, but something else as well?

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This time I like the Daily Mail LOL




Emma and her co-star does have great chemistry during the shooting. They looked so beautiful together :3m_sie:


I almost had a damn heart attack when I saw that picture. Why do you have to scare me like that, Lancome?


I'm impressed that the Daily Mail didn't try to pass this off as a real life relationship like they usually do. But with multiple shootings and a kissing scene I'm wondering what kind of ads these will be.

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I'm not so keen on the outfits to be honest


Me neither....the daytime outdoor ones with the jeans and sweater were best....well, I almost never seem to like what those photographers make her wear<_<

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