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Where Would You Love To Live?

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Do any of you have ideas of where you'd like to live in the future? :D I'd like something a bit different to what I'm used to, Gold Coast in Australia is a beautiful place:



So is Hawaii and Italy. I love big cities too, I wouldn't mind California or London either.

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New York, Prague or Vienna for me! Especially Vienna. I adore this city so much, i think it's the most beautiful European city :wub: I'd also love to live somewhere in Australia, however i don't think i'd stand the weather..for long. Lol.

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Well i love where i live right now, this village is lovely. But preferably i would love to move to another nearby village called Prestbury because it is just as beautiful as mine.


But i would love to live in Sweden, the country is incredibly beautiful.

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I would love to live in Santorini, Greece for three months.

Also Also, New Zealand :wub: and perhaps along the Italian coast.

And, also also also, hmmm. -thinks- Spain, Puerto Rico, France (but not Paris), and hummm. I would love to travel to some islands and such. <3.

I just need a good change of scenery. I'm getting awfully restless.


Once I'm retired, I think I might stay away abroad for a hiatus, but I don't ever seeing myself living permanently away from the US. It's just one of those things, ya know?





Oh yeah, and Australia too :wub: :wub: LOOOL

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i'd probly will stay here, or go to a more peaceful place... i've had enuf of big cities and their busy-ness..


NZ either South Island or North Island

Outback Oz

Small country in England


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But i would love to live in Sweden, the country is incredibly beautiful.

Interesting :lol: We've just had 5 months of winter. :) Not a lot of people like that...


I'd love to live loads of place during my life. Definitely want to spend some time in America, probably California. Also Japan, Tokyo or maybe a bit further down south, or maybe even Okinawa. :)

Without a doubt I want to live in England, London or any of the nice cities down south, like Bath or Cornwall!

Would also like to get back to NZ and live there some more one day. :)


But there's plenty more places I'd like to travel for a longer period of time.

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I would really like to live on an island one day, a remote island that is, anywhere. Unless I'm moving to a remote, totally chilled island, I don't really want to live anywhere else. Especially in a city that is rushed and overcrowded, I;d be so damn depressed.

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Well I'd love to live in some place in the US, NZ or Australia

Also if I want some place to live in relax Austria is beautiful and wonderful place to live in I already miss zell am see <3

And it would be really amazing to live in Osaka, Japan >.< The history, nature and everything it would be awesome

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I have sorta a list of places I would love to live. I want to live in many different places in my life I feel that there is so much world to experience I'd hate to get stuck in one place forever.




New York




St. Petersburg (like a summer home)




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Anywhere it's cool and wet most of the year... and speaks English :P makes it easier on me. Trench coat weather ftw! I'm a city guy though so I'd prefer urban places; New York City, London and San Fransisco are among my top choices (although I'm not quite a fan of certain laws in California).

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