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Hey everyone!


Welcome to the Food and Health Forum section!


I would like to start off with some Icebreakers. I understand that there are "Introduction" and "Game" threads all over the forum sections that would enable each member to know another member better. For this section, I'd like to introduce some icebreaker questions. I'd love to get to know everyone better in terms of what they are interested in regarding the topic of the section and what they are looking for in order to help me get my general bearings.


I'll start off:


My name is Kim, but I like to be called Lena.


Favorite food: Besides cucumbers :rolleyes: , I also enjoy a good smoothie in the morning for breakfast (but sometimes I do get lazy :doh: ).


Favorite Activity: I took up running this past October. I used to DESPISE it, but it's actually quite nice. ^_^


Short-term Goal: I have a 42-mile (67.5 kilometres?) cycling tour coming up in the beginning of this May. I definitely would like to pedal to the finish line within time and raise at least $500 towards charity.



Long-term Goal: To be healthy? :lol:


What I would like to learn: More on nutrition and muscle groups of the body. Also, cardio- and aerobic-like classes such as Pilates and Zumba. As well, I would love to start a meditation-like regimen like Yoga or Tai-Chi. Would love to know much more about these activities. :ohyeah:


What's your take peoples of the Forum? Give us the lowdown!!!


-waits- :yesyes:

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My names Donna, im a stay at home mum at the moment so enjoy cooking and baking nice things for my little family.


Fave activity-dancing, I love it whether its crazy dancing round the house or more organised lol.


short term goal-to tone up and lose a little weight.


Long term goal-just to be healthy.


im going to start swimming a lot more soon too.

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Hello everyone!


My name is Ariebella, but please call me Arie


Favorite Food: Noodles, pickles, soup, and CANDY


Favorite Activity: Dancing and Yoga


Short-term goal: To drink less coffee and more water


Long-term goal: To overcome my weight obsession


What I would like to learn: Everything that there is to learn! I love to gain knowledge.

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-high fives you two-

Thanks for taking the plunge and replying!!! :yesyes:

Well, I hope you can find what you need here! :)

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Hello, my name is Jade i'm 17, 18 this Tuesday coming.


Favorite food: KFC, Anything chicken. But lately i've been into loads of pasta dishes. Maccaroni Cheese. <3


Favorite Activity:

Professionally I have done: Ice Skating, Swimming, Football, and got several gold medals in Judo and Running.

Have done: Badmington, Tennis, Ballet, Netball and Basketball.


Short-term Goal: To finish my Bakery course and to be successful with that. To keep active and healthy.


Long-term Goal: To open my own little Bakery in London or Australia.


Nice to meet you all.

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Hi everyone :)


My name is Amy and i'm 21, and i'm in my second year of university

Favorite Food: A good old home cooked roast dinner


Favorite Activity: I use to horse ride and I loved it, but I dont have the time anymore :( But I love walking my dog, we do about 3 miles a day


Short-term goal: To refrain from eating junk food whilst i'm writing my essays (Last year, I managed to eat one tub of ben and jerrys in one evening :o


Long-term goal: To keep at a healthy weight, maybe loose a few pounds and keep it off


There you go :)

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Jade: I looove KFC (had some chicken about three days ago loool), and also Mac N' Cheese (except if it's from the box I eat it cold. People always give me weird stares like :blink: .


A London or Australian bakery sounds pretty awesome! I hope you accomplish your goals! ;)


Amy: Never been horse riding; kinda scared to :mellow: . Yay for dog walking! I had the same problem while studying; I just willed myself not to buy any junk food and leave it in my house. I do not even give myself the option to eat it. Outta sight outta mind type of thing.

However, I will--occasionally--buy a very small personal containter of ice cream (say 6 to 8 ounces) and allow myself to indulge once a week or so. Actually had cake last week--first time since November--and felt sick afterwards. :lol:

But! Whatever floats your boat gurllllfrieeennnd!!! :yesyes:



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Hiya all, my name is Karen and I am 19 years old. I am studying spanish in the university :)


My favorite food - gosh. This one is hard. Italian food is a go to, because it's warm and comforting and mmmmmm! But I really like differnt cuisines of the world, especially Indian food. A good curry and lentils are delicious!


My favorite activity - zuuuumba! I love to dance, and zumba is a great workout so it makes it fun for me. I have rowed and played rugby. I loved them both, but I definitely got a better workout rowing.


Short term goal - to make the conscious effort to eat well every day, and if I *don't* eat well, to at least try to balance my meals. Also, to drink more water.


Long term goal - lose 30 pounds - I need to do this to get down to a healthy weight for my height because I am really small! I want to lose weight plus gain muscle. I have a pretty decent amount of muscle already but theres always room for more! :P

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Wait, major delayed reaction :mellow: . I thought more people would post in this thread :sob: :sob: -die-.

Oh well! ;)


Well, I hope you achieve your goal weight! Just do it in a healthy way ;) . And, also, keep staying motivated!!!!




Here's another short-term goal of mine: To maintain 10 mph (or 16 km/hr) average cycling speed, and to increase my outings by another 3 miles (5km) to an overall 20-mile (32 km) single ride.


I think...it might happen. :mellow:



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I'm 21 and doing my Masters in Philosophy.


My parents have always made healthy meals, since I can remember. My mom never makes microwave meals or the easy packaged stuff, she always cooks everything from scratch and with organic ingredients. And we're vegetarian so she's super good at making the most amazing veggie meals. I never eat fast food either, it tastes disgusting if you're used to the real deal - organic food. It's great that there's this forum to discuss healthy living, because in this fast-paced world full of artificial foods it's really hard to be healthy! I don't live with my parents anymore, so it's hard to try and be healthy without their awesome meals, but alas, I try my best to cook and bake healthy things every day.


Favourite food: too many, but I love humus, falaffel, brinjal dishes, anything with potatoes. :)


Favourite activity: Surfing, yoga, QiKong, used to do a lot of Tai Chi but it seems the first three have taken prevalence as of lately.


Short-term goal: eat more nuts.


Long-term goal: eat more nuts.

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Hopefully you both find what you need here. I mean, I totally wish I could hand halleluJah a bowl full of pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazilian nuts etc., but see....well, I've tried. And well, throwing them at my computer screen and having them bounce and hit me in the head and trigger a hollow sound was not my idea of fun. :lol:


And Katharine, you must get your hands on the "cheese that never melts". I bet it would get you pissed off at first, cooking it and expecting it to melt. :lol: !


It's called Halloumi, and it has a high melting point meaning that it grills and cooks easily. It originates from Cyprus (next to Greece) and is a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. It has a texture similar to mozzarella, buuut has a very spright and springy quality to it. I'd love to have genuine Cypriot halloumi. One day, one day. -sigh-

General Info on Halloumi

^ Just so you know, my cousin is pictured there. The zucchini. I be the cucumber -_o .


SO, WELCOME WELCOME to... (I totally know you're thinking "to another year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" ) ze Food and Health Forum. :D

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hi, im Chris and im 12



fave food: pizza, burgers, chicken, chocolate and broccoli


fave activity: playing rugby, playing cricket, gaming


short term goal: build up more stamina when running


long term goal: to join the Royal Marines Commandoes

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LOL Lena thank you for the welcome :)


Ah yes, I'm not sure whether I've tried Halloumi or not, but I certainly intend to! :D


Doooo ittt, girlfriiiennnd!!! lol.


Sorry for the super duper late reply, but I was waiting for one more person to post in this thread, so it wouldn't look like I post all the time here :P .



hi, im Chris and im 12



fave food: pizza, burgers, chicken, chocolate and broccoli


fave activity: playing rugby, playing cricket, gaming


short term goal: build up more stamina when running


long term goal: to join the Royal Marines Commandoes


Chris, I thought you're 13? :lol:


I have never played rugby, but I kinda want to...no lie :D .


We have the same short term goal :mellow: . Do you really want to be in the Royal Marines? Wooo!


My other short-term and long-term goals:


s-term: Get back on my bicycle when it is safe to do so and work my way back up to doing 30 miles (48 kilometres) of cycling and surpassing that mark.


l-term: Learn to swim this summer, and sharpen my (almost non-existent) tennis skills. Perhaps volleyball is a thought too. I need a sport I can cross train and heal with that will define my core and arms more sharply than my legs (although my legs need a bit more work too).


I'd like to do an endurance event by October. -crosses fingers- B)

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woah, same goal weiiiirrrrd!


and yes i do want to be in the Royal Marines.


Good goal, Chris. ^_^ Proud of ya ;)


Oh btw, also good other goal (as I found out today) of cutting the energy drinks out of your diet for two weeks. I have full confidence you can definitely surpass the 14-day mark. KEEP IT UP!!!! :D



Hello. :D My name is Alex, I'm 14


Favorite food: Fish and Chips, hands down!


Favorie activity: soccer, running


Be able to run 3 miles strait without stopping


Long term goal: Go to college(?)and be healthy I guess....... :P


'Ello, Alex! Welcome to ze Food and Health forum. I hope you've found some good stuff to read from other members while I was semi-absent from my forum for a bit. ^_^ Everyone here is AWESOME! :yesyes:


Running :drool: , soccer!!! =D


I have a feeling it'd take longer than a year to two years for *me* to run three miles straight without stopping. Power to you!


<3 on long-term goals! Wooo!!!


((((sending out positive vibes to everyone who reads this thread and participates! :P .))))

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id really like to open me own coffee shop!

and that it can get famous too!


That's a great idea, actually! I spoke with someone a couple weeks ago who said he'd love to go into coffee roasting when he retires but lost his acute sense of smell :( . I'm not sure if I'd ever like to do roasting, but I find it really interesting and would love to learn more about it.


Just beware, for the future (and not to discourage you): The price of coffee fluctuates (changes a lot) according to availability vs. demand of the product. The climates used to grow coffee beans in have been, as of late, very fickle. It will be quite an investment, but if that is what you want to do and you're prepared to do it, more power to you Zainab!!! ;)


Hard work does pay off, eventually. <3. You might also want to research about "fair trade" and how it can help coffee co-op's (groups of harvesters who own a business) be more self-sufficient and independent. Good luck! xoxo!




Lately, I've been on the fence regarding the culinary arts program I want to enter. I WILL be doing it, however, it's just whether I will have the stamina to be on my feet for so many hours. I do well on my feet, but not all day and night. Cook experience is great, and I was also given the idea that many graduates of this particular program enter into different businesses/industries (and even establish their own), i.e.: catering, advertising/marketing, food preparation, wine/food/health/fitness magazines.


I've become really interested in food magazines and publications, maybe study in nutrition to conjoin that. Who knows, just a thought. ^_^


Anyone else interested in a similar field?

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