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Favorite Fruit (Or Veggie)!

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I am a very big fan of vegetables and fruits. I eat them as often as I can. But my favorite vegetables is the V8 juice, which I drink that one to two times each day. As for the fruits, I eat apples, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. :P I also make salads once in a while (at least every other day or so). :)

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Are coconuts considered as fruits? haha, because I love coconuts! for drinking or mixing it on a meal <3 yellow and green mangoes, yellow and red bananas, rambutan, pineapples, dalanghita and lansones are my favorite fruits. :drool:



Veggies, uhm broccoli, cabbage, garlic (is a veggie? lol) and bean sprouts.

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I'm gonna go on fruits and vegetables that I really really really like.. :D



- Water Melon

- Grapes

- Durian






Now Vegetables;
- Cucumbers

- Carrots (I like it raw very much lol, I love eating it raw, If It's cooked, I don't like it *weird)

- Spring Onions (I also like it raw OMG!)


That's all I can remember for now.. haha  :blush:

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