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Cry Baby is my favourite Johnny Depp film, he is at his best looking in that one.


I love Johnny Depp too, I don't normally find him attractive actually, he just looks like a friendly uncle lol. But he is a great actor

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No need to say he's pretty amazing in any role he does. Or that he is the sexiest man walking right now ;) . He was so amazing in Sweeney Todd, my fav role of his. He needs to sing more often lol. :D

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I love Johnny Depp! He's been one of my favourite actors (my favourite, I dare say) for a long time. He has the ability to change himself into any type of person, he's an extremely good actor. And I love him for his looks as well, of course :P.

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My favourite actor, an incredibly talented person.


I love Tim Burton's work anyway, but he just makes it even better.


POTC is one of my favourites, and he really did make those movies, IMO.


And to those who say he plays the same character (no one in this thread lol), compare the Mad Hatter, Jack Sparrow and Gilbert Grape. Vastly different, but all beautifully portrayed with a unique style. Definately one of the best actors in the business, IMO.


And yeah, it doesn't hurt that he's hot as hell. I thought I was going to die of lust when he was paired up with HBC for Sweeney Todd - can there be a sexier couple in the world?


I haven't seen the Tourist yet. The pairing with Jolie is quite unusual, so I'm intrigues as how to that pans out...

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