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yes I watched them, loved his reddit answers.

UM WELL, the list:

1. broadway lead = check (singing)

2. shakespeare = check (sonnet 130)

3. opera singing = check

4. rapping = check

5. dancing = check (broadway and young doctor's notebook)

6. frank sinatra songs = not yet.


I'm waiting for a jazz song as you can tell. And He could do ''Singing in the rain'' without a problem, he's great.


Omgsh is there anything daniel can't do?


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He is crazy :D hahahah does anyone remember when he did the elements?





I just watched Kill Your Darlings and I think he did an amazing job!


Wow-he is a funny,grounded guy with lots of talent. + I "love" that song

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I just saw Horns!

That was really interesting, I didn't expect that at all. I liked it actually, I thought he gave a really good performance!


I sometimes had to close my eyes I must say xD 

I'm not sure I got the complete message behind the movie, but anyway I was not disapointed. 

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I'm glad you liked it! It seems as though everyone I know who has seen it really likes it!

I think the message was probably that the truth always comes out eventually and that even the person who seems the most innocent and kind can have a dark side and that even the evil and darkness can be free.

I dunno but that's my guess haha

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