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What with baseball season just around the corner, I had to make a thread to the best sport in the world!!! The only one I care about anyway... so let's all talk of America's past time right here!!





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i can't believe i haven't seen this thread! i LOVEEEEE baseball! my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals (who were the world series champs i might add lol) i love the team, i love the players. it's really hard to choose a favore from the team but i love yadier molina. kinda sad the pujols left but oh well they're still playing good... just need some more good pitchers.

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I am a life-long New York Mets fan. It's been a tough year, but expectations were not high and I feel like we've overachieved considering what was expected of us. Hopefully we can finish the season at .500.


I'd like to see the Pirates or Nationals win the NL Championship


I'd like to see the Orioles or Athletics or Whitesox win the AL Championship


I pull for the underdogs near post season time if the Mets are not in it.


Wouldn't mind the Cardinals or Reds or Giants in NL


Wouldn't mind the Rangers or Tigers in the AL


NO to the Yankees and Angels


NO to the Braves and Dodgers

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