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I searched the forum, and I didn't find a thread for this. If there is one, just delete this thread.



I was thinking earlier today that it would be cool to have a thread where people can post their Facebook link/name. I think that having each other as "Friends" will allow us all to socialize a bit more.

Anyway, I made a Facebook today (not for this reason), so just search my name (Chandler Kravitz) and you should me pop up.

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He did link, here.


Just a reminder to be cautious when showing your full name and location :yesyes:

Ah, as you can see I'm already losing my eyesight ;).

And, like you said, let everyone realize that by posting your Facebook people will be able to see your full name, birthday, phone number, etc.


Haha awesome. Actually surprised there is no topic like this already... ^_^ Will take the liberty and add y'all. :) Except you Chandler because I can't find yours? :blink:


Here's me anyways :)

Yeah, that's why I put that little notice on the first post. I was shocked that their wasn't a thread like this already as well!


I'll add you all soon

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Don't know if you guys know me... I used to post a lot of Hermione/Emma Gifs in gifs section :P


Here's mine... Jazzy This one is for people online only. :P

I know you. xD


And tbh, I'm the same as you, I have facebook but will not have people from online on mine. But I haven't gone to lengths of creating one just for them.


Feel free to follow me on twitter or tumblr and stuff though. :D

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