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What Would You Choose To Be Your Horcruxes?

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Casualobserver asked me to post this topic as he is away:


Forgetting for the moment that you would have to commit murders.... what seven personal items would you choose as Horcruxes to divide your soul into if you were to consider the most unspeakable of unspeakable acts? :o

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Hm i don´t know seven, but i think

- a really good book

- my sunglasses

- if electric things are possible, i would take my mp3player


not that full of ideas, but if i were a murder, i would take the most important thing from the one i killed, i think

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Probably things that meant a lot to me, somewhat similar to what Voldemort did.

-The ring I always wear

-A necklace I have from my mum

-If I kept a diary... that lol

-Teddy Bear

... those sort of things lol

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Let me think...

1. A Panda Teddy Bear, which I have since I have memory.

2. My child, when I have.

3. The bones of my mother, when she's gone.


I don't know what else lol

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You guys are evil with this topic :P wants us to kill 7 people! :P but it's interesting *thinks*


1. An ancient egyptian looking necklace that have my name on it.

2. My stuffed sheep "Duddly"

3. One of my diaries.

4. My first converse shoes.

5. Inside a box that have my movie tickets collection.


Can't think of anymore at the moment >.<

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Cool question.


- my guitar,

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book,

- a necklace my best friend gave me,

- a CD [Christina Perri - Lovestrong.],



I don't know.. These things mean a lot to me because they helped me survive.

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I would never create a Horcrux because I couldn't kill a person.


But IF I should pick seven items I would turn into a Horcrux...


1. the nice amethyst-ring inherited from my great aunt Minna

2.my olive wood flute...I love the sound

3.A nice coal drawing a good friend made for me...she called it "SINphony"

4.An empty bottle of my favourite whiskey (glenmorangie)

5.the feather of a peacock

6.grandpas old hat

7.the gold chain I wear every day

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i would never actually kill so many people. but if i did. :P

I would chose:


1. My teddy Bear (which has a bunch of names from ppl i know, to pretend people)

2. a harry potter book

3. A locket my cousin gave to me.

4. my iPad (i can't survive without it)

5. My dog

6. CD album (Adele or LMFAO)

7. My ring.

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