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Anybody a fan?


They're a Canadian power trio famous for their prog rock. I really like their older stuff but haven't listened to much past Hold Your Fire. I believe that's when record companies started mixing all their rock music records to sound LOUD! I didn't like those album mixes and thus lost interest.


My favorite album is


I watched Beyond the Lighted Stage and really liked it. It was a nice in depth look into Rush. They've been together so long that the documentary had a lot of ground to cover.


I saw R30 on TV a couple of years ago. Geddy is not able to hit the same notes he once did. I suppose age has something to do with it although I'm sure the smoking doesn't help. Still extremely talented musicians though.

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Are you kidding me?! I love Rush, at one point they were my favorite band. Now that is Muse, but I still love Rush.


I am going to go see them live in a little under two weeks. It'll be my second time seeing them, should be fun!


Caress Of Steel is on at the moment. :)


(I don't really consider Rush prog rock, at least not anymore. Whenever I think of Prog, I think of bands like Genesis, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Camel, etc.)


Oh, and as far as Geddy not being able to hit the same notes...his voice lowered (with age) in the early 80's. That's why he changed up his vocal stylings. He couldn't sing in 1985 like he could on the album Fly By Night or 2112.


But when I saw them live in 2003, they played the entire 2112 epic, and Geddy hit all the notes very well. He just doesn't feel comfortable doing it anymore, because his voice changed. It has nothing to do with smoking (although that probably doesn't help.)


You should check out the album "A Farewell To Kings." That is, hands down, my favorite album of all time. It's Rush's 1977 album.

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A Farewell to Kings had some good stuff on it but I didn't feel it was as strong as 2112. Hemispheres was okay but I feel they really came into their own on Permanent Waves. Permanent Waves through Power Windows is my favorite Rush era although I do enjoy the early Rush albums as well.

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Top 5 favorite Rush cds:


1. A Farewell To Kings

2. Moving Pictures

3. Power Windows

4. Signals

5. Counterparts


I think 2112 is a bit overrated. I like it, but it's not as strong as the album before it (Caress Of Steel) or the one after it (A Farewell.) Hemispheres is kind of weak, too...I much prefer Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.


There are a lot of great albums post Hold Your Fire. Counterparts, for one. And Snakes & Arrows (latest one, out in 2008.) Vapor Trails is also good, if you can get past the shoddy production.

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Vapor Trails kicks ass. That album is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard! Vastly underrated.


It's amazing how they've kept the quality up all these years. The Rolling Stones could learn a lot from them...

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