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The Rupert Grint Thread

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 OMG! Rupert is just one of a kind and very talented. He has always been my favorite of the HP trio/teen cast and he is ofc very good looking-normally hehe.


Rupert on stage with Nathan Lane.

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CBS might be bringing Super Clyde back.



We come today bearing some particularly great news, and you may feel this way even more if you are a fan of Rupert Grint: “Super Clyde†is coming back!

Two years ago, this was one of our favorite pilots that was made for CBS, and it was a single-camera project from Greg Garcia all about a fast-food worker who decided that he wanted to have a double life as a superhero. The project starred “Harry Potter†star Rupert Grint, and felt very much in the same vein as Garcia’s other hit “My Name Is Earl.†So why didn’t it get picked up? The easy answer to that is that the network at the time thought that this show was too far a shift from where their other comedies were at the time. Eventually, they did put the pilot online for fans, and the reaction was mostly positive. It was not a perfect show by any means, but there were glimmers of hope.
Luckily, it seems as though the show is getting another chance. CBS is looking into reviving the pilot for another go, though the presence of Grint and any other member of the cast at the moment is unclear. We feel like Rupert really should come back for more of the show if available, mostly because he is the name that is already familiar with the brand. Would viewers respond if he is not there? We are not entirely sure.
If nothing else, we’re glad to see that this show has another shot, given that it could be a good compliment for “The Big Bang Theory†in terms of comedy. One other thing to remember here: That sitcom didn't make it on the first time it went out for a pilot, either.




It would be great if Rupert, Stephen Fry, and the rest of the cast returned for this.

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The thing I hate and I mean hate about pilots here is they are rarely given the chance to succeed. I sometimes question why on earth some shows make it and others don't. Look at Family Guy- was cancelled and now look at it- been on forever!!!!! I just wish shows were looked at more closely. I have heard good things about it and think it would do well!!


Trixie- he is hot-crazy make up and all LOL

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Love Rupert Grint (who doesn't??!!) But I sorta wish that Hermione ended up with Harry. I know. Cheesy. The two main protagonist end up together. But they were perfect for each other. I mean look at how well they coped without Ron in DH!!

Don't kill me for this opinion!! :)

Adios amigos

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