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I had a thread in the old forum so I decided to start one here too :P


I'm eighteen years young, and I've been making graphics since I was about twelve. Right now I use Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me :)


I just made these now. First time I've made graphics of an animated movie, but I love Tangled and I'm sure there's a few others on here who do as well. Feel free to use any of these . Credit is not necessary but would be nice..



Matching sigs:



P.S: I have a slight obsession with sparkles, so please forgive me if I overuse them xD

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^ Thank you :)


These are quite old - I never got around to posting them before, but better late than never, eh?











I didn't know there was a limit to the number of images you could post O.o anyway, here's the the matching icon


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