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What Have You Done Today?

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Played Some Gutiar hero


Guitar Heroooo <3. I wish I had the game or consule to play it on :mellow: . I should start playing video games again, since I have so much time on my hands lately. -_- lol.


This is an awesome topic how come I just saw it!


- Finished reading "Can you keep a secret?"

- Got complimented from my professor that I don't have a single absence from his classes (bear in mind I was going to skip his class today :P:doh:


Umm yeah that's it, I'm just starting my day >.<


What is "Can You Keep a Secret?" The title sounds interesting.

:lol: I love how things work out so you remain more motivated to attend class. :P


today i have done:



a french exam/written test, quite hard, i dont think i have epically failed (hopefully not)

gave a presentation about my village in geography lesson

and yeah, about all the things that are remotely interesting....


I seriously want to learn French.



-Travelled back home this morning and went shopping with my sister, who bought me a French bottle of pink lemonade sparkling water, and a bar of currant and cassis scented soap.

-Lunch with sister, and she paid for it. :P:wub:

-Home, talked to a friend of mine, and slept some more.

-Woke up late and showed up 30 minutes late to work (my manager was totally okay with it :lol: when I called her before I arrived).

-Talked to a former co-worker at a supermarket I worked at, and advised her on applying for a new job.

-Walked home, made tea, argued with the 'rents.

-_- Yep.

Listening to music now.

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today i have done:



a french exam/written test, quite hard, i dont think i have epically failed (hopefully not) :P




hooray i didnt fail on the exam, i got a great grade go me :ohyeah:



today i have:


watched 3 solid hours of documentaries on The S.S

and i completed a mission on MW2 in Hardened mode...

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woke up and had breakfast

ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes

showered and got ready

had lunch

read a chapter for my history class and took my quiz

browsed facebook and these forums for a while


now i've got to do more homework and reading. ugh why did i take summer classes?

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-overslept and missed my first class resulting in having to read and outline an entire chapter before work

-argued with my mom

-drove through a thunderstorm and made it to my shift just in time, finding out i had to work register when i wasn't supposed to which totally ruined my day :(

-left work and took a crazy detour to get back to school because the roads are all messed up

-now i'm sitting here (for the past 2 hours) starving waiting for my class to start and stressing out about the test we're having


i'm just having a really bad week. blah

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