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Food Cravings.

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....and pancakes. Though I favor pork roll over bacon. So bad for you I knowww. Been trying to eat less pork, but siiigh. -_-

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Vegetable Spring Rolls.


Omg, so good. :o There's a health food brand in the States called "Lean Cuisine". I'm sure other countries might have it? They carry a spring roll variety. Drooooool.


Ramen Noodles


Woot for ramen! I actually make my own type of soup out of that...a hardier one. I put some vegetables and adjust seasoning and use half the flavor packet it comes with. Stuff's good :P , and cheap for poor students like me :D lol.


I'm craving chocolate, so bad. BUT it's something I gave up for Lent season. Was so hard walking into the icecream place today (local shop, homemade icrecream) and looking at 25 varieties of ice cream with chocolate in it. I settled on an oatmeal rasin ice cream with toasted coconut topping. I wish I can eat this stuff *everyday*.


But I can't :( . Gotta be healthy lols.

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