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How would you use the Deathly Hallows?


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The Resurrection Stone...


The Invisibility Cloak...


The Elder Wand...


If you were to own one of these, only one, which would it be? If you amazingly had all of them, what would you use them for? (Don't have to answer if it's too personal).


I voted the Cloak. It'd be so useful. Second choice would be the Stone.

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The Cloak. It would be nice to avoid Death but I would gladly give it to him when the time is right, just as it is the Three Brothers. I wouldn't have much use for the Stone and would be afraid of having so much power with the Wand.

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i would give the resorection stone to my dad, so that he could chat with his father...even just for 10min...


invisibility cloak i would use for myself...im a very curious person.


wand,....no idea. :unsure: probably use it as well. love magic.!

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The Invisibility Cloak. Like some of you said, it's very useful.

My second choice was The Resurrection Stone and I would use it to talk to my Grandpa I never knew.

My last choice was The Elder Wand and I have no idea why would I use it. I don't want power.

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The Elder Wand: totally useless for me


The Invisibility Cloak: quite nice...sure but nothing I crave to have




The Resurrection Stone: Yes, you got me! That's what I really desire. I'm quite like Dumbledore there. I know it's not wise to wish them back because they don't belong into the world of the living anymore....but just IMAGINE for a brief second ALL the ones you love could be with you again!! Who wouldn't be tempted? I know it's selfish but I can't help it! Would be so wonderful to be with them again...friends, family...everyone back again!

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