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Hello everyone,


My name is Karen and I'm so happy to be the moderator of this new forum! I have so many ideas and I hope that I can put them all to good use!


First off, I would like to lay down a couple of ground rules.


-Most importantly, NO BASHING or disrespectful comments! There is definitely a difference between expressing an opinion and disrespecting someone else's. It's okay to disagree, but commenting on something specific about another religion, belief, idea, etc would be considered "bashing" in my eyes. Example: "I think that Catholicism has a few ideas that I don't agree with, such as...." vs "Catholicism is a sham and I hate everything that has to do with it and all priests are pedophiles...".

We are all adults here and I trust that you can use your good judgement in expressing an opinion.


-Open mindedness - pretty self-explanatory. Religion can be such a touchy subject for many, and it is important to keep the mind open when learning and hearing about other religious beliefs.


-Support - please be as supportive as you can of the other members! I hope to establish this as a good resource for people who not only have questions about their faith but also may be struggling/questioning their faiths.


I will write more later, I promise. I'm at my home computer right now so I don't have all the documents I need, that I want to write about here, etc. I will edit when I get back to school. :) Thank you all for visiting!



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