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I just found out terrible news about a friend of mine. She was backpacking in India and was injured in a mudslide. The ambulance couldn't get there fast enough and she didn't make it. I am so shocked and upset about this whole thing. Please pray for her and her family. We still pray for the dead until they are buried so that their soul will be "lifted" up to to be G-D. That is something we say in Hebrew. This will be so hard on her family so please pray for them to. She was only 20 and has 3 younger siblings. Thank you.

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Kim, I will keep you both in my prayers...

Arie, I am so sorry to hear that...I can't imagine what you and the family are going through. My condolences and prayers are with you and her family.


An Irish blessing/prayer: May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand.

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I will pray for you kim, arie, and the victims in colorado. Please keep me in your prayers as I just registered for my first teaching exam and need to pick a day, time, etc. It was a little spur of the moment but I pray I'm prepared! thanks all.

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Hey guys, would you be able to throw a bit of prayer my family's way?


My mum is falling into the world of online chatting. I don't care what anyone says, that stuff ruins people.

She spends hours on end chatting to people all around the world and 80% of the time they're men. She spends more time talking to them than her own husband.

Can you guys pray that she sees the dark path that she is headed down before its too late? It would be appreciated 100000%


Anyone got any requests?

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I feel bad posting this. In fact I feel terrible. I don't feel like I should, knowing I'm not religious, but I do pray. I hope this doesn't mean I'm selfish...


My last uncle was recently ran over by a 17 year old boy who was speeding 70 miles an hour in a 30 zone. He hadn't past his test, when he hit my uncle through a red light whilst he was out walking his dogs. He's been in hospital for a week and I've found it very traumatizing. He has a damaged spine, broken skull, both shoulders, both arms and both legs. They finished the tests this morning, as it took 6 days to complete them all because of his fragile condition and the doctors have told our family that we need to prepare ourselves he may never wake up.


I feel incredibly bad and selfish posting this, not to mention guilty. I don't feel it's my right to post it. I've been crying to myself for a week and when people ask me I just pretend it will be okay. I'm not asking for sympathy.


But please, will you pray?

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You don't need to feel selfish or guilty sweets. I'll keep your uncle in my prayers, you do your part and we'll do ours. I'm really sorry for him and you and your family, it sounds horrible :( I wish you strength!

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Definitely do not feel guilty...I was 12 years old when I found out a teenager not driving for long hit and killed my 12 year old classmate. You just have to continue to pray for your family and uncle. As for that teenager, they will (in both cases for you and me) will have to live with that guilt forever. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.

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I would just like to thank you both a LOT! I have no words to describe my feelings at the moment. I recently received news that today after 8 days, my uncle woke up. However, he didn't know who his wife was or my dad, so the doctors put him back to sleep to run more tests on his brain.


You guys helped with your praying and I am forever thankful!

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I would just like to thank you both a LOT! I have no words to describe my feelings at the moment. I recently received news that today after 8 days, my uncle woke up. However, he didn't know who his wife was or my dad, so the doctors put him back to sleep to run more tests on his brain.


You guys helped with your praying and I am forever thankful!

Damn Im so sorry I didn't read this earlier. And I am so sorry to hear that it happened.

But I am also so glad to hear the positive results!

Never feel guilty about prayer though Jade, it means a lot that you reached out to help your uncle in any way and he would appreciate it more than you would know. I am interested to know more results as they come in if you wish to post them here. And I am happy to offer prayer at anytime.

I wish the best for your uncle right now.

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Wow it's been almost a year since anyone posted a prayer request!


I went through all five pages.  I pray that all of the job changes have worked out, that the people that lost loved ones are comforted...to those facing depression, that they feel uplifted, and for those in tough situations at church, I understand and will definately pray.


I will also be praying for those affected by the actions of others, and for those in uniform, and for those facing challenges at school &/or home.


As far as the "form" of prayer...I don't necessarily think that prayers need to follow a certain form...but a form that I've commonly heard used and taught is called the ACTS of prayer.  It's an acrostic.

A stands for Adoration.  We begin by simply thanking God for being who He is.  Something like, "We thank You God for being all-powerful, and all wise", etc.


C stands for Confession.  This is where we confess and ask for forgiveness for when we fall short.  Something like, "God, forgive me for worrying so much about what others think of me, for not caring enough for those around me, etc."


T stands for Thanksgiving...this is just thanking God for the good things...i.e., "God, thank you for my family, that they are healthy....thank you for a place to stay and work I enjoy, etc".


S stands for Supplication...this is where we present our requests for ourselves and others.


It seems like a pretty good model to follow.  Just work your way through from top to bottom.  :)

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As far as the whole topic of prayer, I thought this might also be useful to some people. It's a true story.  I saw it happen!  I originally wrote it as a church newsletter article.  It goes like this,


"About a year ago, I went out to eat at one of my favorite seafood places...and so far so good about my resolution to eat better, I had the broiled fish with rice…no fried fish or fries for me!

After about 15 minutes, a pretty long line had formed at the counter, because it was lunchtime. Of course, I’m still there because I’m slow eater. Then I noticed a couple in line; they were talking using sign-language. Now, I’ve seen this before…at first I thought they had a sign-language class at school.

But, as I watched, I had never seen two people sign so fast. They were “talking" away, their hands flying through the air, and both were smiling. So, then, I thought to myself, “Well, that’s makes me kind of happy and sad…maybe they’re brother and sister, and one had to learn to sign b/c the other is deaf".

However, I watched them as they got to order…and they both pointed to what they wanted, instead of saying it. Then the girl started to get out her checkbook, and the guy shook his head “no,†and made the sign for “togetherâ€.

At this, the girl started blushing and shook her head, and made the sign for “separateâ€.  But the guy signed, “together†again…finally the girl relented and signed, “OK, together†and then she sort of blushed…but she gave in and left him pay.   

At this point I realized, these two weren’t related…they had found each other, and were sort of on a date. It was so cute, because you could imagine how they probably felt.

Both of them were probably thinking, “FINALLY a person that understands how I feel, and the problems I go through. I can actually ‘talk’ to this person without an interpreter, and they understand what I’m saying".

It was so neat…you could see them expressing their feelings, even though they didn’t verbalize them with words.

The truth is, sometimes we try to go to God in prayer…and we have so much going on, and our problems seem so great to us, but so small in the grand scheme of things…that we feel like we don’t know the right words to say. We feel like we need an interpreter.

The good news is, we can still pray, even if we don’t know the words…God has provided the interpreter…the Holy Spirit…as the apostle Paul wrote in the book of Romans,

“…the Holy Spirit helps us in our distress. For we don’t even know what we should pray for, nor how we should pray. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words.†  Romans 8:26 NLT".


I guess the bottom line is this - Don't be afraid to pray.  God can understand you even when others can't.  :)

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Emma_BKrazy...I am so sorry. I will certainly pray for your mom and for your friend. I will pray for you as well, that you will be strong during this tough time.


"For most of us the prayer in Gethsemane is the only model. Moving mountains can wait". - C.S. Lewis

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