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What have you made today?

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It's a Jewish holiday starting tonight and for the next two days, so I will be making a tonf of food today.

3 different kinds of chicken, roasted potatoes, roasted vegtables, a bunch of different salads, 2 different soups, salmon and tilapia, 2 cheesecakes, and probably more. Yikes!



yaya you sound like an amazing cook :P!! cook at my wedding for me will ya :P!! :D

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I decided against making something spectauclar for dinner tonight (Like sandwiches or cheese toasties) and went for something a bit more Kiwi like.


So tonight I cooked some beef sausages (Not precooked rubbish), mashed potatoes, mixed veges and gravy.

The gravy is made from the meat juice with mushrooms and onions, with beef stock, cornflour (To thicken), Marmite and worchester sauce. Absolutely beautiful!

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^^Its disappointing, well....in some ways, tastes great but it's too thin... next time I'm adding three times as much ingredients as it says, probably kills the whole low fat thing but what the hell

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