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Sorry what is more important - Info from Osama who wouldnt speak or saving more worldwide lives from terrorist acts

He wouldn't be able to make any more act IN JAIL. I'm sure America have resources to hold one man in jail and not let him break out...


Well now I'm thinking that if it were up to you, Bin Laden would still be hiding somewhere....?

Yep, in jail )

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You need to realize what a great thing this is for the world. (Not you "I love Emma" :P )

If they (USA gov.) didn't hang on him some cases (like it's doing our cops very oftenly) and he is really've been killed then yes it is so. The point is how he have been killed. I really don't like it... I would prefer to see him on the electric chair


He would probbably have killed himself - you would get no info from him but where al-queda troops were - attacking the jail to get him out and kill everyone else.

I'm sure they would find the way to knock out from him some information. And they could wear him into straightjacket to do not let him suicide. I don't think what al-Qaeda would do such a thing, I can't imagine that - terroristic group come to another country and attack American jail. Such a thing can be only in movie I guess....

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I totally agree with what you guys are saying just i think that killing him is a quicker better soution to the problem.


And that is exactley what I'm saying.


(by the way, what if there was a debate forum?.....I'll have to ask for this :P )

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I totally agree with what you guys are saying just i think that killing him is a quicker better soution to the problem.

Maybe, but still no proofs.. And Obama regret to show photo. Such a strange thing to me...


↑Yeah ! great idea dude!

You should ask !


Im sleeping now so will post fresh ideas in the morning - night all !


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Let's face it ppl, we will never have real proof, not even with a photo. I mean we're talking about the US government here! I'm not a conspiracy theorist and personally I believe ObL is dead, but if anyone could manufacture pics that show exactly what they wanted you to see, it's the govt!


So what more proof do you want? His bloody head on a silver platter in front of you? The thing I love (hate really) about skeptics and conspiracy theorists is that they're never satisfied. Again like I said before any facial photos of him would be obscure. A 5.56mm full metal jacket (most likely what the SEALs used) or a .45 calibre will cause so much damage to a human head at such close range (if the room he slept in was the room he was shot in, the range would be at most 3-4 metres) that I wouldn't be surprised that half his face is gone.


Do you have any idea how many murders HE is accountable for? And the plan was that even if he had no weapon, the were to kill him. Also even if he surrendered they were still told to kill him.


He was already responsible for hundreds of American deaths prior to September 11th. I cannot fathom how many more deaths he's responsible for.


I think it's violation of humans rights. Whoever he was he still should've been taken to the court.


The mission was capture or kill, either one would be satisfactory. The thing is about a court is that he would be taken to a world court. And unfortunately there is no death penalty in a world court. He would sent to prison and there will be countless retribution terrorist attacks on his behalf demanding his release. He's better dead.


And what if it was not him? And DNA test would say what he only looked alike?


Reports say that one of his wives (wounded during the assault) positively IDed him as being him. He was also positively identified when a photo of his body was shown to another one of his wives. DNA testing was confirmed to be him when compared to various DNA samples from his family members.


My mother predicts another terrorist attack - london olympics 2012


Well that may be debatable. Now that we're living in a post 9/11 world, security forces will take no chances at all. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the last time there was a terrorist attack during the Olympics was during the 1996 Summer games in Atlanta.


Although I even do not believe even in what they found him. American government is the last government on that Earth in which words I would believe. And I didn't seen anything exapt words in it. Even the members of his family. Why they didn't show them? I really would like to see their interviews.


"He was wanted dead" - that's sound like old western movies with cowboys killing for money. Are we still living in such a barbarian days? I don't think what in USA so bad jails that he could've been escaped...


Believe what you want to believe, but the truth is he's dead. If you go to the FBI's most wanted list he's wanted Dead or Alive... not just dead. If he's sent to an American jail, he will be kept in isolation the entire time. Even the convicted felons in these prisons want to get their hands on him, and believe me they will probably do more to this guy...


Living in barbarian days? Seriously, what do you want his Wanted sign to say? "Please call this guy to report to the nearest police station?" I'm sure you realize that this is the easiest way to tell everyone that this is a freakin' wanted man, the most wanted man in the world. And I don't know about you but a cash reward for any information leading to the capture or death of such a man is a good enough incentive for anyone to come forward, if they're willing.


His family members were interviewed (at least those who chose to be interviewed). If you read up on the subject, his family members distanced themselves from him after he formed al Qaeda. They even went to as far as to changing their names, mostly different variations of the last name (ex. Binladin)


He was hiding for over 10years without a trace!


More than that. He was put on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list in 1999 after the bombings of two US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania; but even before that he was a wanted man. Being the head of al-Qaeda, the FBI was looking for this guy since al Qaeda's involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. I mean in 1998 (I posted this already earlier in the thread) President Clinton made an executive decision to launch cruise missiles against his al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan with the hopes of killing him; he escaped literally within hours of the strike.


The CIA has been watching this guy since the early '90s after he became very overt of his views on infedel presence on holy Islamic soil (Saudi Arabia) and declared jihad on the west. This guy has been wanted for quite some time, 9/11 only became the catalyst for the worldwide manhunt.

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^^Where have you been throughout mine and noble maniac's "debate"??? :D



cough cough :)


Where was Laden shot? if it was in the compound , then the footage released in side clearly showed a lot of blood on the floor possibly his?

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Yeah sorry guys I just got back from Pakistan.


The official report says 3rd floor but a witness (bin Laden's daughter) said 1st floor. There's definitely blood alright but whose? For sure there was a firefight and 2 other men were killed.

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