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- I don't know if this will work out the second time round. I created this Fan-Fiction 3 years ago and it was popular. I thought I'd write it up again.

- I don't know what's happening with the banner, I didn't know what to have for a Non-Canon Fan-Fiction.

- Some chapters will be small and some maybe rather big.

- The Fan-Fiction is written in First Person.

- Some Non-Canon characters in this are based on people I know.


Basis Of It's Appeal

It keeps in line with what happens in 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and this Fan-Fiction will have Non-Canon as well as Canon characters in it.

It's more centred on the Golden Trio, Draco Malfoy and Fred Weasley. The Non-Canon characters are in it all the way through and will become part of the plot.

So, this will be different, otherwise you'd practically be reading a less talented version of the book right?









I was sitting on the Hogwarts Express with my friend, Abigail. Oddly enough, my friend and I had been together since we were born as our parents went to Hogwarts together to. The minor problem was, is that she was sorted into Ravenclaw and I into Gryffindor. We were on our way back to do our fifth year at Hogwarts. Usually we'd catch the train together and split half way through the journey and meet up with our friends. The door to our carriage opened as Hermione popped her head in.

"Hey Claire, are you coming?" She asked upon entering and then she looked at Abigail, "Hello Abigail." She smiled and her smile was returned.

"Hey." Abigail replied and she then looked at me. "I have to go find my friends now anyway; I'll see you at Hogwarts." She smiled one last time and left the compartment and went to find her friends.

"Harry is five carriages that way." She pointed in the opposite direction to where Abigail had gone.

"Why aren't you there?"

"I'm a prefect," She said proudly, “So is Ronald, but I can’t find him.†She smiled at me again and vanished out of sight. I sighed and started walking down each carriage. I didn't like walking when the train was moving. I hated the feeling of the floor shaking from under my feet, it felt so unstable. I reached the right compartment and looked in. Harry was sat with Fred, George and Ginny Weasley. I opened the door and walked in as they all looked at me.

"Hello everyone," I grinned.

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Chapter 1


Arriving into Hogwarts the first place we went was the Great Hall, as always, to watch the students be sorted. I quite enjoyed watching this event the same as the twins, as we got thrills out of people going up scared. We all sat around after it had finished and waited for the food to appear. But it was interrupted as usual by Dumbledore’s speech. Even worse someone interrupted his speech. This caught the attention of every student in the room. She announced herself to be Professor Dolores Umbridge. Fred looked at me while Harry and Ron had a fight over who could eat the most and I drowned myself out of it. I smiled at Fred and he smiled back and in that moment his eyes popped out. I looked at the table and the food had appeared. It felt so good to be back.


I had helpings to the chicken and chips and poured gravy on top until you could no longer see the contents on the plate and started to eat. Hermione chatted away about her books to me while I ate. I started to see once again why Hermione never ate as much as the rest of us. The hall filled out with loud conversations and knives and forks hitting the plates of the thousands of student and professors around. I looked up every now and then and joined in on conversation, but only lightly. I never really enjoyed talking while eating.

"So how was your summer? Well after you spent a week at ours?" I heard Fred ask, I didn't look up at first I thought he was talking to one of the others. I remembered I had left and gone home just before they all left for the headquarters, that moment I realised it was aimed at me. I looked up and his eyes were on me.

"Oh, I- I mean- It was okay." I said shrugging it off and drinking from my goblet.

"Sounds like it." George chuckled not convinced.

"It's fine, I just don't get along with mom, that's all." I smiled and carried on eating to dodge any further questions.

"You could have stayed at ours longer? You could have come to the headquarters if you didn't want to go home, you know?" George insisted and Hermione nodded and frowned. She didn't like hearing how hard home life was. I smiled and ate another chip. I didn’t really want to reply.




We reached the common room that night and after an hour, all was silent. Everyone had gone to bed early ready for the lessons the next day, including Ron and Harry. I wasn't really bothered because I knew either way I'd get up. I looked at Fred and George who seemed to be going to bed now to, meaning I’d be left alone. I looked into the fire and thought it best I went to bed too. Just as I was about to get up and leave, Fred sat on the couch opposite me and stared at me intently.

"Oh... I thought you were going to bed." It wasn’t much of a question.

"George got tired, so he did. I'm going to bed soon too." He grinned.

"Yeah, I was just about to go myself. Been a long day, I got up early just to get out the house and ready for the train." Fred chuckled at my unnecessary long reply, it had amused him, but, I didn't see how.

"We only just about got there to be honest. It's always so rushed with our family on the first day." He smiled. One thing I’d noticed about the twins over these past years is that their smiles never falter. We were quiet for a few moments.

"So, great about Hermione and Ron, isn't it, becoming Prefects and all." I said happy.

"You've got to be stupid to become one; Ron threw fits when he found out." My smile faded as he replied.

"Oh right." I said bluntly and looked at him, "Well all the same it's good for them." Fred nodded and took some Wizard Cards out of his pocket.

"Wizard Snaps?" He asked and I looked at the stairs leading to the dormitories and then back to the cards in his hands, debating whether I should or not.

"Go on then, only one game though!" I insisted taking out my wand. The cards shuffled and lay themselves out on the table. Fred took his wand out to and the game began with a 'crack' and 'pop' every 10 seconds.


It turned out one game, had turned into many.

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Chapter 2


I went to bed early hours of the morning and when Hermione woke me up by throwing a pillow at me I weren't the happiest of people. I looked at her with vicious eyes and tried focusing them a little better. She was actually dressed and ready for breakfast. I looked at the clock and slumped further down into my bed.

"Claire, get up, you'll be late."

"To be honest Hermione, I don't really care." I yawned. "I've had no sleep."

"And whose fault is that, may I ask?" She replied and I looked at her and the clock again and back and forth. "Get up." She said and walked over to her bed putting 4 books into her bag. With that said I got up myself and crawled into the bathroom. It took me a while to get ready and Hermione was still standing there. I looked at her shocked and she dragged me out down to the Great Hall.


I had toast on my plate and still hadn't touched it when it was nearly time to leave. The others were talking but, I was dead to the world leaning over the toast.

"Looks painful," Harry smiled; I looked at him and didn't blink.

"It is." I said at the same time as someone else. I looked to my left and Fred had appeared from nowhere. He looked just as bad as me.

"You survived to then?" I asked him and he smiled slightly. I took a bite out of my toast and tried waking up a little more. It wasn't much use. I looked at Hermione and she handed me my new time table. She stood up right away and walked off to lesson. I looked at Harry and Ron who were also getting up and sighed in regret. I wish I’d gone to bed.





I followed the others and entered the dungeon classroom ready for my first lesson. I looked at the timetable and my eyes widened; I was shocked at my first two lessons.

"Double Potions," I half shouted and Ron sighed, "You've got to be kidding me right?" I finished and Harry nodded and took his seat next to Ron and I sat around the corner next to Hermione. We put our cauldron’s on the table and our Potions book and waited for Professor Snape. I yawned and at the same time almost fell off my chair.

"Don't yawn when Snape's here, he'll take off points." Hermione said, she was the reason I almost fell off my chair.

"No need to nudge me that hard, besides, if I lose points you can gain them back easy in another subject." I smiled and Harry and Ron laughed.


The lesson started with a bring lecture from Professor Snape himself. I held back so many yawns and Hermione shot me a stern look every time I was about to. I thought it would never end. Then Snape's droning come to an end and I heard him finish.

"I will have no foolish behaviour today, it's our first lesson. So you will work in pairs," I moved up to Hermione, "but," I looked at him, "I want one student from each house in a team." I looked at all the Slytherin's. We all glared at each other and for a moment I thought I had seen Professor Snape smile.

"I'll take Claire." We heard Draco's voice shoot over the outrage.

"What?" Hermione, Harry, Ron and Snape all asked at same time. I was shocked but not as much as Harry, but even then, he wasn't as half as shocked as Snape.

"You heard, I’ll take Claire." He smirked at me. What was I in for?

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Chapter 3


The whole Potions lesson went by rather slowly. The whole time I kept my eye on Draco though from time to time I took a few glances at Harry and Ron, who both had been paired with Crabbe and Goyle and they hated every second. Every time I looked I couldn't help but smile in humour at all the funny faces Ron was pulling at Goyle and Draco would pick me up on it and take all the fun out of it. I didn’t really want to cooperate with him so I left the entire Potion making to him, he seemed happy with it. He tried making light conversation to, but I didn’t really reply.

"So, why did you choose to work with me?" I asked a little annoyed, as he put the Billywig wings into the cauldron. He smirked and turned to look at me, or rather glare at me.

"I thought it might be something different. You know?" He said looking like I’d understand.

"No, not really," I replied with a blunt tone. He lifted an eyebrow at my reply as his sly smile faded. Now he was the one who looked annoyed.

"Looks like someone needs a sense of humour," He said sourly and turning back to the potion to stir it. I sarcastically smiled at him and crossed my arms across my chest.

"Tell me about it." I replied sighing and turned my back on him to look elsewhere. I had no idea who Hermione had paired with but she didn't seem to be having much fun either. She looked frustrated at the Slytherin girl doing everything wrong and was telling her just to sit down and not touch anything. She was often like this with me when I was paired with her, but the other girl seemed a lot less intelligent than me.


The double lesson was put to a painful end, with a scroll of homework and everyone was very unhappy upon leaving, but felt the freedom of getting out of there. Ron sighed and looked at his time table hoping for something good.

"We have a free period, then lunch. So let’s just say a 2 hour lunch?" He joked. Hermione looked at us and smiled. I started to think what I’d do with a 2 hour break. I’d be so bored.

"Well I’m off to the library; I’ve been waiting all summer for a decent read." She said and started walking off towards the library without even saying by. I knew she’d want to study alone as always and sighed.

"Because you haven't read them all already," Ron replied smiling when she had disappeared. Evidently his joke had failed as neither of us joined him in laughing about it.

"Brave Ron, you even waited until she had left." I said while Harry laughed at what I had said. Ron went bright red in the ears and looked at the floor embraced.

"Come on, we'll go the Great Hall." Harry said and walked off. Ron looked at me and after a few moments, we both followed him.




When lunch started after an hour we were joined by everyone else. Fred once more sat next to me, by now I looked more awake than him. I suppose it was the terrible morning I had endured though. He had crawled into the hall looking so glum and yawning.

“Not woken up yet?†I teased smiling wide.

“I seriously doubt that I will be awake until tomorrow morning. It’s nice to see you’re okay though.†Fred cheered and I smiled again in return. I didn’t know why, but I had always got along a lot better with Fred than George. I watched him pick up a few cheese and ham sandwiches and I turned to face the others, while eating my Tomato and Basil pasta. They were all speaking about their new time tables and how they were now old enough to get free periods. Hermione hadn’t joined us and we all had gathered it was because she was studying more for our OWL’s though we had all year to do it. I was worried though because I knew how hard it was to study on an empty stomach, but, on the other hand she never had eaten as much as the rest of us.

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