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The Room of Requirement

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An island with nothing but palm trees and hammock between two trees for me to lay on. Listening to the sounds of the ocean, sea, or other body of water (lol), shading myself with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses and reading a book.


I suppose there should be a beach house there too, but only with me in it :lol: , with low island music, a grill to barbeque and infinite amounts of sand. No laptop, no cell phone, no other communication device. Just me and music, and sounds of waves, and a book and hammock.


And maybe my bicycle if the island has a road. :DB) haha.


*edit: I didn't know, or forgot, that the Room of Requirement is on the Seventh Floor of Hogwarts. Thanks Kim <3. ;) *

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girl's bathroom lol i always wonder what it looks like ;p


Seriously? You never been in the girl's bathroom??? EVER?! I mean I feel like everyone at some point has gone into the opposite gender's bathroom with their friends as a joke. It is just something that happens every once in a while lol.




I think the Room of Requirement as a sort of refuge. I would just want it to be some place I can go and be alone. Have everything I might want there. Idk.


Or maybe like a water park or Disney land for some fun between classes :P

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