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Loved it! What i don't like in those movies that have to do with Mythology is that they must always say something wrong. I mean Loki was actually Thor's uncle but oh well. The movie was great and some parts like the Xena/Jackie Chan/Robin Hood reference or where he broke the cup sayin "moarrrrr" made me laugh :P

I particularly loved Loki. His performance, his looks, everything! And the soundtrack was nice too!

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I enjoyed this, even though I had to see it in a non-IMAX 3-D theatre.


Chris Hemsworth does a well job of making Thor both sympathetic and affable to the audience, while providing the physical and personal bravado that a mighty god should have. He also seems to be having fun portraying the character, as a lot of the dialogue is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but still does not take itself too seriously either.


And Tom Hiddleston does a bang up job showing Loki's complex psychological makeup.

I thought the scenes in Asgard and Jutenheim were very well thought out and orchestrated, not so much the scenes on Earth, with the exeption of Thor's invasion of S.H.I.E.L.D. to retrieve Mjollnir.



Natalie Portman and Rene Russo were more or less wasted. Maybe Frigga will get more screen time in the future DVD releases.

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^hahahaha omg he's so right all i think about right now is "i'm thoooor" in a high pitched voice :rofl:



hahahaha. I remember that scene. ooohhh.... so funny!!!


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