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What have you done today?

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Went to college at 7:00am to clear out my locker, etc.

Brought my knives home and sorted out my room a little. (No college until September now)

I had some lunch and sorted out my PS3 a little, dowloading the free games.

Now I've just argued with my boyfriend and due to lack of sleep and the burn from crying, cannot open my eyes.

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Stayed up till 5 in the morning watching 'game of thrones'

then woke up at 12 today, went into work to sign a new contract letting me work during the summer holidays, came home, played a bit of Lego harry potter, until I got annoyed at a glitch in the game meaning I couldn't complete 'follow the spiders', then started watching 'a view to a kill'


all in all, not a bad way to spend a day

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Took my grandma to the doctor, and went out to lunch

Listened to the new Yes album

Took a nap

Organized my bookmarks.


Also organized my ebook collection. There were a bunch missing covers.


Now have 32 ebooks. Got to start reading! :)

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- Sex

- Played the PS3.

- Back garden with my boyfriend

- Watched my boyfriend play my PS3 while I slept on him

- Sex

- Walked my boyfriend home

- Shower/Ate/Rest

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