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What have you done today?

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- Woke up at 6:30am and then 12:00pm.
- Got ready and posted a little.
- Watched anime.
- Went out with my boyfriend.
- Brought some college clothes and Noctura homeopathic remedies.
- Came homes and posted a little.

I'm about to eat and get ready for bed. xD Early night I think.
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[quote name='Arie' timestamp='1314139636' post='151077']
Errands, cooking, cleaning lol

Bought school supplies!!!! Hahahaha I am so nervous for uni next week!!!

Skyped!! and relaxed a little too

I did almost the same thing as you except schools already started lol. :D
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[quote name='wheneverythingfalls' timestamp='1314615320' post='152859']
Uni for the first part, good laugh.
[b]Got my ear pierced so I can finally get around to stretching it[/b]. Look like a tosser with just the stud in at the moment though <_<
Congrats xD

- Woke up
- Went to get my classes sorted out
- Walked around campus
- Ate lunch
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- Woke up and got ready
- Watched Anime and Skype with Kella
- Met up with my boyfriend
- Did a tad bit of shopping and went to the park
- Went home and relaxed watching more anime
- Ate dinner and got ready for bed
- Watched 'Great British Bake Off'
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- woke up and got ready for work
- was at work, did some work and watched 3 episodes of pretty little liars
- got let home early do to nothing to do there :D
- when grocery shopping
- went home and made dinner
- fell asleep on the couch from 6pm to 8pm :mellow:
- made muffins from scratch for my friends bday tomorrow
- watched 2 more episodes of pretty little liars
- now in bed, going to sleep soon
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