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What was the last movie you watched?

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A Promising Young Woman. Really enjoyed it.
Just when I thought the film was coming to a close, it turned out that there was still a good chunk more to go.

Powerful stuff.

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I’ve just watched the movie Ready Player One and I can recommend it. I really liked the special effects and graphics. The creators managed to convey such an impressive and large-scale virtual world that I wanted to walk along such magnificent streets. The graphics are more like a game, as the virtual world in this film represents the game. These are the stories I like, in this film there is not only great graphics, but also there is a semantic load, intrigue, there is a love line that smoothly flows through the entire film. Everything was enough for me - and the entertainment, the scale of the world of "Oasis", there was fullness and a sense of integrity, and humor did not disappoint. On top of that, I liked the actors' play, everything is organic and appropriate.

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