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Lady Gaga

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This woman is truly inspiring, her music, voice, and the power she has just makes me love her. I saw her live in Liverpool back in february of last year. I was front row and wow she blew me away live, and i would definitly recomennd her to you all.


Well her current album leaked online last night, Born this way. And i of course have it, and :D it is truly amazing.

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sorry about the double post

but omg i absolutely loooove her new album :D been playing it on repeat all morning


shes gotten bad reviews over here though, they keep comparing her to madonna and that madonna should be ashamed. its ridiculous.

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I have seen so many live acts this year, that, no, I am not. I am broke...can't even afford the music releases I want to hear.


But I love Lady Gaga. Her music is completely amazing.


Ranking the studio albums:


1. The Fame

2. Born This Way

3. The Fame Monster

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