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What Made You Smile Today?

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Trying to make myself feel better, I thought this might work.


Let's see ...


My cellphone.


Labor Day in China, but also for all the tourist season and time.Please do not stay at home, go out and bask in the holiday cheer.


The NBA playoffs start, we have been very concerned about whether their favorite team to win the game, the Heat looks to fight the best, the Thunder a 2-0 lead, but the two games are the win over Durant still not found its match fitness.

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Was with my uncle today and yesterday, went to mcdonalds drive through about 2 o clock this morning so he could get a milkshake, the guy held it out the window and we grabbed it as we drove past without stopping, quickest drive through ever! rofl


Watched teleshopping for about half an hour at like 5am before it suddenly dawned on us "why are we watching this?"

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