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What Made You Smile Today?

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My husband tried to organize the house, moving the PC in our bedroom, but the WIFI was so slow, then he had to put everything back again as it was, hahaha he was very tired and asking for my help, but I didn't  help him for his lesson, hahahahaha couldn't stop loling at him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA  :rofl:

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There was this American at work asking if where is the currency exchange, so I assisted him there. Then he asks me to wait because he was looking for something and he wants me to lead the way. After exchanging his dollars to peso he asks me where is the snacks department so I assisted him again. Then he said thank you and I answered my pleasure then asks for my name so I told him my name and asks his name as well. After a few chats I left him at the counter paying for his merchandise. Then after 10-15 minutes my supervisor paged for me, so I went to the workstation. And guess what? The American left me 30pcs of Ferrero Rocher and a commendation written at the back of his receipt + tip :P he left it at the Customer Service after I left. Uhm, that made my day :D

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