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What Made You Smile Today?

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1) My friends. <3

2)Completing [b] all [/b] of my work today during my 6-hour shift. At one point, with three and a half hours left, there was nothing to do. Then I started busying myself and cleaning up the whole store. Consisted of sweeping and vacuuming dressing rooms, runways, etc. etc. Lots of work, but it made me ^_^ to know I did something.

3) I have an extra day at work this week. No one wants their hours? Suit yourself! -om nom nom- :D

4) Getting good service at my favourite restaurant when I ate dinner.

5) Watching "The Blind Side" and thinking about the effects of just reaching a hand out to someone who desperately needs it, but never says a thing about needing help.

6) This song:

[media] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HglRHEfXx6g [/media]

I am obsessed. :wacko:

7) Best for last: BoMa, for making this thread. :wub: <3.
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I went to the loo last night and while I was having a wee (not like you need to know) I seen a spider right by me. I shot up screaming. This morning my mom asked if I had nightmares about it biting my bum. My boyfriend said no leave that to the rabbit!

when I was 10 A rabbit bit me on the bum and I tried shaking it off and it just hung there. xD
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[quote name='Lena' timestamp='1306730345' post='112864']
7) Best for last: BoMa, for making this thread. :wub: <3.
Awww *hug*
this made me smile like crazy. :D
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