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Hogwarts Houses

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Just an idea, would it be possible to have Hogwarts Houses on here? There could be a form to fill out and the mods decide which house we go into based on our answers? I've seen it before on a couple of forums and everybody loved it. :)
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As I responded to padfoot via PM's, we've actually decided to stay away from the Hogwarts houses. While it's true Emma's been primarily in Harry Potter films, she doesn't act exclusively for Harry Potter. In order to keep things fresh we decided to go with the elements instead.
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[quote name='Stoga' timestamp='1288514679' post='2349']
how about mods? they have access to all the houses? or like we, only to one :unsure:

While technically mods have access to all houses in order to moderate we have assigned mods to "function as the head of a house.

Dax - Wind
Antares - Water
start a fire - Well...her name implies it already :P Fire
dookdookdook - Earth.

And I'm not assigned to any house :( because I'm the headmaster.(for lack of a better term). :P

And while it may seem nice to assign people based on their zodiac sign chances we want to have the houses to have roughly the same number of people. Which, if this forum follows the world population would mean that most people would be born August which would put them in the Fire house and a bit in the Earth house. (according to google that is) :P
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