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How Calm Are You Right Now?

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Hey All of You Amazing People,


I'd like to know, on a scale of 1-10 how calm each of you are at any given moment. 1 would be the least calm and 10 would be the most calm.


I suppose the question is really geared toward finding out how stressed you are, but asking the question in this way prompts a person--in my speculation--to focus on becoming tranquil rather than continue a perptual cycle of anxiousness. :D


I'll go first: I feel I'm about an 8 right now. I was a 10 last night, but I have a few things on my mind this morning...to-do lists to be completed, and reading to be done, and work to go to. It could be tons worse, so I'm grateful I'm feeling pretty relaxed at the moment.


Things I did to get this way:

-Gave myself about three hours of self-care last night, which was optimal for me since I hadn't done it in a while: showered, prayed, watched "The Blind Side", ate healthy popcorn, read, and got a full night's sleep.

-Came to the conclusion that I will not give power over to my anxiety over simple things. I tend to go about asking myself, "Am I being physically hurt right now? Is something absolutely bad happening?" If the answer is no, I seem to manage to calm myself.

-Worked my entire shift yesterday, start to finish, cleaning and organizing and selling items ( fulfilling workday).



Things I need to do to stay this way:

-Carve some self-care into every day, which is at least 10 minutes' worth.

-Have enjoying meals and conversation.

-Continue to go for walks and do light reading.

-Low-key exercise.


* I'm a firm and full believer of taking control over and managing those triggers or stressors which exhaust us with healthy coping mechanisms such as the ones I listed. For each person, these mechanisms may be slightly or drastically different.


I'd like to ask anyone who posts to post their level, acknowledge what their triggers are (what got you at this level) [this does not have to be posted, as long as you ask yourself this and can answer yourself truthfully], and post things you'd like to do to diminish, improve, or stay at the level you feel that you are at.


Thanks ya'll :D . B)

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i am a 10 at the moment, as i am too tired to feel anything other than relaxed!



Life: -1 'Lil Chris: 10

I love being relaxed. It's like, imagine me with my cucumber possee on my eyes and a nice drink with an umbrella next to it somewhere in the South Pacific. -siiigh-

Even the image is calming, and of course...with sunglasses. B)


7, only because I'm getting all worked up about getting to the mall before my class haha.


^ :lol: I hardly ever get like that anymore. For me, it's just not worth being stressed out. Like, I'm not even dressed in work clothes for work and I have to leave in five minutes. Oops. :mellow:


I'm at about a solid 7 right now. I got worked up on trying to get things done today, when I really didn't need to. I sorted through all my accident paperwork and paperclipped them in a folder. Took my butt up and walked to a law firm. Lawyer decided to work with me. :P Best news I've gotten in five weeks.


I was nervous sitting in the reception room though. It was like one of those white-walled offices with soft music playing in the background. I pulled out a book to occupy me. I'm glad today turned out so well. ^_^


Totally going to have tea when I get home and cook myself some soup from scratch. Must skaddadle. woo. :lol:

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Honestly,1! Exam season kicked in :icontwisted8pz:


I know how that is Demo! :lol: You should try taking some time out of your day and go somewhere quiet, like a lake, and just stare at the water and rellllaxxxx. :P


I'm at about a 4 right now. I'm a little uneasy about going ahead with filings and such, and I am pretty aware of the major list of to-do's I still have left over to finish this week. So, it's all left me both wary and weary.


Other triggers: overwalking myself yesterday, and being at home and being blamed for someone missing out on making extra money today. Feeling too negative.


Temporary solution: walked myself to the lake and chillin', staring at the water, enjoying the cool breeze. About to write a bit. :mellow:

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now im a 0, as the school have said i should see their anger management guy, they are saying i have anger issues and now i have the entire pastoral care team practically watching me like a hawk...i dont have stupid anger issues..

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Being honest 0. That doesn't mean i am angry or upset, but rather worried and tired and always thinking of something bad lol.I am never ever 100% calm, not even when i take a bubble bath lol. Weirdly enough, i am calm only during the Easter for some strange reason.

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