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Pretty self-explanatory; we're all in a fan forum for an actress known for her role in a fictional story. That being said what do you all prefer to read? Fantasy, sci-fi, Japanese manga, etc. versus biography, current affairs, world history, etc.


Personally, I don't mind picking up a fiction book once in a while but I'm just more interested in reading non-fiction. Some of my favourite books are Freakonomics and Black Hawk Down, both about historical accounts and current affairs.

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One or the other for preference. I didn't put in a poll choice for "both" exactly for this reason.


Well, you didn't put a choice for "both" in the poll, which is why I null voted. I do not prefer fiction over non-fiction or vice versa. I consider myself to a voracious reader, and I read anywhere between exclusive full-fiction and prose/poetry to non-fictional books that cannot exclusively be labeled to historical reference or world affairs.


A non-fiction book can have a fictional style or matter of poetic voice. Writers can choice the level of formality they would like to write their book or pieces with. Right now, I'm reading (How to Mentor--and Find Life's Purpose) Guiding Lights by Eric Liu. This author examines teaching relationships both inside and outside the scope of education, using an informal and flowing sense of narration while intertwining his own experience within each relationship (the relationships he examines in other people are taken from a variety of backgrounds: acting, baseball, etc.) in his narration. I do enjoy his theses and theories portrayed with fact-based knowledge and personal experience.


I have read excerpts, while studying in class a while back, of Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which is exclusively a non-fiction philosophical treatise regarding education. I enjoyed what I had read. I also have pleasure reading Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point and Outliers; his diction lands between the two works I had mentioned.


As for fiction: My favorite contemporary authors are J.K. Rowling (duhh :P ) and Ann Brashares, but I also love classic writers like Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.


I guess I do not have a particular preference in either classification because my last two years of high school and the time I spent in university brought me to have to read non-fiction to examine and write about the fiction I had read. There's always something to learn in anything really.

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non-fiction for me as i adore reading books on WW2 and the current war in Afghanistan..


Read a book called Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. It goes into detail about the build up to Operation: Enduring Freedom starting all the way back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as well as the creation of al Qaeda.

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I prefer fiction because I like to read about fantasy. I do read non fiction books sometimes, like if one of my favourite celebrities have written an autobiography, I will read them. I also like to read the autobiographies of people I don't like or who have done bad things just so I know what it was that they were thinking at the time and how they justify what they did.

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I enjoy both, but fiction gets my vote. Particularly fantasy and horror, as I believe it's possibly the hardest thing in the world to write. The power of imagination that it takes to create unique worlds, with their own ecology, economy, species, races, civilizations, religions, etc and set these up together to create a working, living and breathing universe on top of creating an original, interesting story between strong and memorable characters, is something worth loving.

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