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Is Emma going to be on Letterman?

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we all know that before the preimere of harry potter the actors go on the late shows and i was wondering if anyone had a idea if she'll be on david letterman?

because i will be taking a trip to new york just as harry potter will be coming out and i thought it would be so cool to see one of the stars on the show!

but when i went to davids website he only shows whos going to be on for the week and by that time it would kind of be late to get tickets if emma comes

kind of a silly question b/c we all dont know when she'll come on but just wondering...

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Not a silly questiona actually! I know she has been a regular on Letterman the last few years-I dont see her not being on for the last one but then again she could be swamped with doing other things to promote DH2. Good luck to get tickets! Hope yas can! :)

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