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Hey everyone, hopefully some old members remember me...but I'm Tara or you may call me by my (old) username, Bagel of Death. Back in the day, I used to go by The Sacrament. Wow, this forum sure has changed!


I just wanted to drop by, say hello to some old friends, and welcome new members.





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Welcome forum oldie!


I just saw your display name on the site and ruptured into a fit of giggles :lol: . I wasn't really on the old forum, but welcome to the new one!!! ;)


Feel free to stop by Chat sometime (when it is working :P ), as the chat was a feature that was added to the new Forum site. You will probably find, when it is full, many members who were on the old forum. ^_^


I hope you enjoy your time here! :D -cuts ribbons for your entrance into new forum =D -

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