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Emma in Seventeen Magazine

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“I’ve never understood having crushes on people who you don’t know in real life. I only crush on people I meet. I mean, I can appreciate that someone is good-looking, obviously, but I don’t intend to fantasize about people I don’t know!â€


“I try to avoid wearing black because sometimes it’s the easy option. But I’m young, so it’s nice to be able to play with color and not just wear black all the time. I can save that for when I’m older.â€


“I dance a lot and I run and do yoga and play field hockey and tennis. I like to be active. I don’t always have time for that stuff, but I do always feel better afterward.â€


“If I hadn’t done Harry Potter, I would have gone and done years of art. I really do love it, and I’d love to write.â€


“Reducing your life down to three pairs of jeans, two skirts, a couple of shirts, and a few pairs of shoes was so nice for me. I really loved living in this tiny room where I didn’t’ have space for anything. It sounds really lame, but it made me feel a lot more free, because I just didn’t have as many choices.â€


“I still have friends from primary school. And my two best girlfriends are from secondary school. I don’t have to explain anything to them. I don’t have to apologize for anything. They know. There’s no judgment in any way.â€


“Most of my friends are doing their third year abroad so I might do my third year abroad as well, and then come back for my last year. I hope I could do that.â€



There is a video


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This is one of the cutest shoots and I LOVE her hair!!! That is a good length...it will be funny to see her again back to her longer hair :) Btw Emma, you only need 2 best girlfriends in your life-I am lucky enough to have 4- 2 came from high school and the other 2 college.

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Now I need to pick this up in the stores! :)


I don't understand the crushing on people you don't know, either. On people you DO know...well, I could write a book on that, lol.


And sweet that she does yoga (I love yoga! :) )

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oops... someone already posted that pic. :doh:

Anyway, I have two more quotes from the interview:

“For the first two movies, I had a huge crush on Tom Felton. He was my first crush. He totally knows. We talked about it – we still laugh about it. We are really good friends now, and that’s cool.â€


“No! I’m a terrible game player. I’m so impatient – it’s one of my worst traits! If I want to see someone, I want to see them, and if I don’t, then I don’t. My friends are always telling me I have to play hard to get because I’ll pretty much say to a guy, ‘I like you – let’s go hang out.’ But my friends are like, ‘You can’t do that! You have to string this guy along.’ And I’m just like, ‘No! I won’t! I just want to go on the date!’ It’s a nightmare – I definitely haven’t figured it out yet.â€


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I might be the only one who thinks this photoshoot is...not the business. For one, she looks much older -- I can't tell whether it's the makeup or the wardrobe. Although, her shoes in the 5th picture are pretty cute. Secondly, some of the poses look a little forced. Emma's a beautiful girl and she's actually gotten much better posing for the camera. However, I feel like she's wearing red lipstick in almost every shoot. I dunno if it's because they (the photographers) want to accentuate her femininity since she got the haircut. Then again I've never been a fan of Seventeen magazine. :unsure:

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yes thi sis american Maginze I just got Mine in the mail 2 days AGo I love these photos she looks sooo great and pretty <3 I love it so much


seveteen Maginze isn't also just photos it has very good Health and Eating tips that i love <3 I love Emma in this it is GREAT :)

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