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Hello everyone I do have an announcement I do need to make I decide I'm going to retire from designing artwork. The reason I decide is because I started to lose some inspirations since the beginning of this year. I have starting new life planning wedding doing other things that I just don't have time to create artwork anymore. I remember coming to this website because I was a big of harry potter also of Emma Watson portraying my favorite character all times Hermione Jean Granger. I saw everyone being creative by making artwork such as icons, avatars,banners,signatures,wallpapers,& calendars I just love them. As I was new I asked request for what I wanted I was very impressed made me realized I want to learn how to make these sort of stuff. Back few years ago Boma made a tutorial for paint shop pro 9 on coloring I follow it. Then I wanted to do creative something different that I want to do and not copy other people's work. I have done graphics for about 10 years now love every minute of it but now I think my time has ended. I will come here visit sometimes but won't make any creative stuff anymore. Before I go there is something I want to say......


Boma: Thanks for your amazing tutorial I ever did and you inspire me to make creations I didn't think I could ever did thank you.


Tiffany,Elena, & Junkie: I want to say thank you for loving my work it means a lot of me yall are very talented too.

Ashley: You were always nice to me all the time you made me feel good love talking to you love your creations. I love your Britney Spears stuff also you are really good at it I'm glad more fans are enjoying your work. Your very sweet and nice don't ever change.


Jade:I know in the beginning we hit some rough stuff but overall I got a chance to know you seem good to me. I guess I judge you too quickly I am really sorry for doing that to you. I know there's been times you wanted to quit like me but you didn't because you had people that believe in you decided to stay. I'm glad you did best wishes are to you.


Lastly to my best friend Stefanie : You were always nice to me love my work since you visited my showcase letting me do requests for you which you loved. I am glad I met a friendly person who stand by me was my biggest fan. You have amazing work I'm going to miss you. If I ever anything your the first person I come thanks for being my friend. 


As the rest of people who come to the thread I didn't mention I am truly am sorry but I want say thank you for loving my work. 



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Awe :( I'll be sad to not see anymore of your work but I'm very happy for your future and I hope to see you around here still!


Thank you so much for the things you said about me! It made me smile (:


Love you girl

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:sob: aww im gonna miss you. but best of luck for you future and i wish you all the best. god be with you hun :) i would like to keep in touch with you, let me know via pm if that is possible. hope to see you around :) hugs hun xoxox :kiss:

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Thanks so much well as much for your farewell goodbyes to me as I was moved by it there's some news I need to tell you all. I'm not leaving after all.... I miss this place too much. Missing the friends I made here and most of all missing the artwork I have been doing so good news I'M BACK....... I'm sorry for worrying everyone on here I shouldn't have done that will you accept me... To celebrate my dedication back I made some Harry Potter Icons & banners since I got gimp install on my laptop finally so thank you for caring about me and my work. Enjoy:


Icons set:


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