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Thanks sorry I made them too sharp I'll narrow it down to 60% instead of 80% but thanks for liking them I wanted to make more of the video but the place I found them didn't have all the screencaps of the video. Anyways I made some Scarlett Johansson:


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Thank you very much it means a lot to me. I have some news to share with everyone. I am going to retire from artwork. I know this is like billion time for me saying it I can't do this anymore. My fiancé and I are planning to move out of my hometown because of his job it's better environment for us. We have wedding to plan but I told him this comes first before anything. I wanted to post my last work of artwork before writing my last retirement statement but I realized I lost my inspiration long time ago. I came back because I did miss y'all and my work I even got little inspire made new coloring by myself it's new classic which loves and it's different what I ever used to. So I did a comeback but my timing is running out realizing I need to let go and let others shine in the spotlight. There are very talented artists out who are amazing I met some on here which are my friends. They loved my work since the beginning seeing it grow becoming amazing talent which I'm proud of so are they. I'm going to miss every one of you don't ever change. I promise you this is the very last one retirement statement. I know this is sad moving but I need to move on in life. I will always be a fan of harry potter and of course Emma hard work becoming a great actress and amazing role model. I want to give a shout out to Stef, Jade, & Ashley ... Thank you for showing me your work again y'all are my inspiration. Each every one of your art is unique different but that's why it's special because it's your talented creations. I'm going to miss you and everyone else on the forums I love you guys stay strong for me.


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