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I was afraid of this.

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From Roger Ebert's review:


And without spoiling a single thing, let me just observe that the final scene clearly leaves an opening for a sequel. I know, Rowling says there won't be one. Just sayin'.


I kinda chuckled when I read this.









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I too have only read good reviews of the movie so far. It's absolutely okay to voice one's concern, Dude. We all love HP and care a lot for a worthy conclusion to the series.


I have seen the movie yesterday, and I have to say: It is.. I love the movie, it's really a good one. I don't know if it's really a bad thing when the end come to fast. Doesn't that just show that the movie isn't overlong, dragged out or boring? I felt thoroughly entertained, engaged and moved the whole time. In all honesty, I could have done without the epilogue. The scene right before that would have been a good and fitting ending, IMO. I won't say what it was, not to spoil it for those who haven't seen the movie yet, but it wasn't fast or rushed. They did hold breath for a minute and dwell on the scene. I loved it. And throughout the movie we get calmer moments when the characters get their due. And with the exception of Oliver Wood and I think Dolores Umbridge, we get to see all of the characters again. At least once.


I don't think any of you has to worry, I would be astonished if you disliked the movie. :)

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