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Emma in New York City, July 9, 2011

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YESSSSSS WOHOO!!!!! :) So wish I could have gone but it is gonna be MAD-I dont even think I would even be able to drive into NY at this point-but have to say it is so tempting!! Yeah they are all there now in NY-Emma,Rupert,Dan (of course for HTSIBWRT play :)), Tom,Matt...time for promotion and premiere!!!!! :)

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Yeah someone tweeted that was her sister whose in the pic w. Emma...


Also Rupert wearing Dan's face on his shirt is just priceless ;)


I would love to see Dan in his show!! I heard he does an amazing job!!

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Tom just said in the Deathly Hallows Press conference in NYC (being transcribed by Mugglenet) that he saw Dan's show last night too. He said the show was "unbelievable".

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